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Reminiscence - A Weiss Kreuz RP
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Welcome to Reminiscence - a Weiss Kreuz RP.

So. The plot/guidelines of the RP:
1. Takes place after the series, but the OVA and Gluhen are not to be intertwined. Why? Because I haven't seen either, and would be confused. I do not wish to be confused in my own RP. =^_^()= Weiss Side B and the drama cds are also not to be included.

2. Yaoi/yuri/het is all welcome and wanted.

3. This RP is rated mature. Although if your post is R or NC-17 rated, please post behind a cut. Just so we're forewarned. =o.o=

4. Character requests work this way - comment in the first entry telling me who you wish to RP. Joining the RP is moderated, and I must approve it before it happens. So basically, comment for the character and join, and I'll approve it. Unless someone's already taken that character. =o.o;=

5. Try to keep characters at least somewhat in character. I understand that in RPs, we tend to get people out of character, and that's okay.

6. This is a literate person RP. Please, if you're going to post, no one liners. No chat style layout and/or speak. Please, please, PLEASE, I beg of you, put some thought and literacy into your posts!

And don't worry, no one will get eaten over a little typo or something like that. <3

7. If you are talking, as opposed to your character, please encase your speech in brackets, parantheses, etc. Just so we know when you're talking and can differentiate from when your character's talking. =^o^=

8. I don't really plan on kicking people out of the RP, unless they're gone for absurdly long amounts of time. Please, if you join, plan on checking up on us at least some!

9. I would prefer not to have created charaters in this RP. At the current, they are not allowed.

10. Have fun! That's the main thing, right?

11. NOTE ON POSTING - Posts are to be done as journal updates, NOT in comments. Mostly because some people don't come back and read the comments, and it would be confusing otherwise.

Current character list:

Fujimiya Aya - shaman_assassin (tsuzuki_hana)
Kudou Youji - yotan07
Hidaka Ken - hibaka_ken (kurosaki_koi)
Tsukiyono Omi - rady
Brad Crawford - fallenoracle (nayamashiimigot)
Schuldig - meineschuld (celes_fire)
Farfarello - canto_xxi_ghost (yamikaosu)
Naoe Nagi - cyanidesweetie (fallliketherain)
Manx -
Birman -
Fujimiya Aya-chan -
Tomoe Sakura -

If there's a character I seem to be missing that you would like to RP as, please feel free to tell me. =^_^=


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