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Someone Tell Lady Luck That I'm Stuck Here

Moments after the computer finally finished shutting down, there came an annoying knocking at his door.  Schuldig.  He wasn't familiar with the little jingle of sorts outside of the German.  Nagi expected the redhead to just burst in and make some half insulting comment.  Thus he was slightly surprised at the admission of needing a favor.  

"Come in."

Nagi's tone was nuetral, which meant he was willing to help.  Pushing away from the desk a little he turned the chair so he had a better view of the doorway.  All hints of frustration from his failure at finding the information he'd been seeking were carefully down away with.  Expression was that bored look that was the small Japanese boy's mask.  Surface thoughts were as silent as he could make them.  Sure, he trusted his teammates in a fight.  But when it came to anything even remotely personal Nagi did his best to hide it.  This often made the boy come off as not having much of a personality.
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