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Looking for Nagi, but following Farfie in thoughts...

Purposely ignoring Farfarello entering his room, he made his way down the hall and to Nagi's. Although he might have been ignoring Farfarello with his physical senses, he tries to monitor his thoughts and movements with his telepathy, making sure nothing would be moved or would be out of place in his room after he returned. After all, he had 'spent so much time' preparing his clothes for the mission, he would have hated for them to have a few cuts and blood stains all over it. Eh, if that happened, he planned on still wearing it, with or without Nagi or Crawford's permission.

Upon seeing that Nagi's door was shut, he tested the knob carefully to see if it was locked. It wasn't. Should he enter? Knowing he wanted a favor from the his younger team mate, he decided it might be easier to just...knock. Which he did, but in an almost annoying little rhythm of a Shave and a Haircut.

Mentally, he spoke to his comrade before Nagi had a chance to even reply or allow him to enter, 'I need a favor...'
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