Hidaka Ken (hibaka_ken) wrote in wk_reminiscence,
Hidaka Ken

Tsukiyono Omi

"Well isn't this lovely," Omi said to himself as he continued to put together the flower arrangements. As usual his three teammates had left him to do the work. Omi didn't mind all that much, as the only one worth having about in the shop was Aya when it came down to it. Ken and Yohji tried their best, but they simply didn't have what it took to be a florist.

His mind wasn't really with his work but rather with the computer upstairs, and the unread message. No matter how much he pushed it from his mind it kept resurfacing. 'I need to focus...I won't be able to read it until after we take care of this order anyway...' he thought to himself as he completed his arrangement.

In ten minutes time Omi had completed his task...though he knew the work was not yet done. They still needed to load all of the flowers into a car. 'Hopefully the others have started without me...' His hopes weren't completely dashed as he rejoined his teammates. The flowers had partially been loaded, but the three men before him were standing very still as if not daring to move.

"What are you doing?! We're running out of time."

(Okay...here's Omi...play off of him...the next time I post it will be Ken.)
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