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((Hey, guys! Mod here, continuing info on the RP journal topic thing...

First of all, this is the list of RP journals that I have constructed thus far:

CharacterRP JournalJournal Owner
Fujimiya Ayashaman_assassintsuzuki_hana
Kudou Youjiyotan07yotan07
Hidaka Kenhibaka_kenkurosaki_koi
Tsukiyono Omiradyrady
Brad Crawfordfallenoraclenayamashiimigot
Naoe Nagicyanidesweetiefallliketherain

Feel free to tell me if anything's wrong with that.

I don't remember what the purpose of making this was. Possibly for reference's sake? Schu has people to play with now. ♥ If Youji or Omi want to make character journals as well, just have them join the community too. The more, the merrier~. ♥))


rady's going to be busy for a while and without time for Omi. Do we have someone else in mind to pick him up?
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((I'm reeeeally really busy lately and will be for a while, so I don't want to keep Omi out of the RP for so long, so I think I'll have to pull out. If you can't find anyone else later on, feel free to find me again? So sorry, and good luck in finding someone to RP Omi, I'm sure there are plenty of takers. ^^))
((Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. We'll go looking, but I'll definitely keep you in mind. Let me know if you get unbusy, okay?))
Yosh ^^

Kenken here...I don't really use alcare_minuruva anymore...so just change it to kurosaki_koi

Also, if you'd like I can NPC Omi for a little while until we find a new one.
Noted and changed.

And that's fine with me. Anything to make sure the story stays rolling.
^^ Okay, the next time I'll post I'll put Omi up top and Ken under.