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Nagi had retreated into his own room after the the redhead left the room.  Hands were held above the keyboard, not touching the keys.  Blue eyes were trained on the screen as lines of numbers flashed and then disappeared.  The keys clicked, the sound filling up the otherwise silent room.  Or at least it was silent until Schuldig's voice invaded his mind and ears.  Mental shields were instantly re-enforced, just in case the German decided to do some poking.  


The question was voiced mentally, the boy decided it couldn't be important enough for him to stop what he was doing.  One hand came up to rub at the side of his for a minute.  The agitation was gnawing at his thoughts and starting to give him a headache.  Nonetheless, the keys continued to click in commands that coaxed the computer into allowing him access into the government's files.  

At last the network gave what he wanted, and yet it wasn't what he wanted at all.  Whoever the telekinetic was trying to find could not be found, at least not through this government database.  Frustrated he shutdown the computer took a deep breath, forcing himself to remain stoic, at least on the surface.
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