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Getting Ready

Schuldig looked in disgust at the neatly hung ensemble on the door to his closet. Rolling his eyes, he took it down and tossed it to the floor, and proceeded to riffle through the many different articles of clothing stuffed unceremoniously in the dark depths of the closet. After a few moments, he drug out a nice, but slightly wrinkled pair of white dress pants, and then a matching jacket.

'This'll have to do. Better than what Crawford had in mind.' He thought to himself, after finding a nice matching shirt, and his usual pair of shoes. It would all have to do.

He layed it all out on the bed, and gave a smirk of satisfaction. Crawford would most likely be complaining all evening. Or at least, that was the goal. Until Crawford would arrive, if Crawford arrived, he would have to find entertainment in his other two teammates. With that, he left the room in search of someone to annoy.

Both mentally, and aloud, he called out to Nagi as he admired what was the white version to his normal attire.

[OOC: It's short, but sweet. Thank Ken Ken for getting me to post >< Work's been consuming me, but I had a day off, and she was here...sooooo. Yeah. Here it is. @.@; Sorry for the long wait, it shouldn't happen again. If it does, make Ken Ken kick me around, and I'll get back to what it is I'm supposed to do :P]
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