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Reminiscence - A Weiss Kreuz RP's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Reminiscence - A Weiss Kreuz RP

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[02 Oct 2007|12:28am]

Yohji spun and almost knocked down one of the arrangements, but immediately recovered and saved one of Omi's precious creations. "Aa. Hai, I'm gonna get the seven." It was the seemingly awkward silence between Aya and Ken, that got Yohji to stop himself from whining about using the seven for delivery. And it's not like he could complain to Omi; god know he'd done more than Yohji or Ken did. He fished for his keys in his pocket and went to the garage. With a grudging look at his car, he sighed resignedly and climbed aboard.

"Yosh, let's get this over with." Yohji said after having parked said car in front of the shop and got out of the car. He started helping to load the arrangements. "Uhm, where's this delivery again?"

((OOC: I'm sorry it took me so long to post! T_T; I'll work on creating a journal for Yohji when I get home ^_^))
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OOC [12 May 2007|03:31pm]

Aya-kun has become too busy to stay with this community so it looks like Aya is an open character now.
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Someone Tell Lady Luck That I'm Stuck Here [09 Mar 2007|04:06pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Moments after the computer finally finished shutting down, there came an annoying knocking at his door.  Schuldig.  He wasn't familiar with the little jingle of sorts outside of the German.  Nagi expected the redhead to just burst in and make some half insulting comment.  Thus he was slightly surprised at the admission of needing a favor.  

"Come in."

Nagi's tone was nuetral, which meant he was willing to help.  Pushing away from the desk a little he turned the chair so he had a better view of the doorway.  All hints of frustration from his failure at finding the information he'd been seeking were carefully down away with.  Expression was that bored look that was the small Japanese boy's mask.  Surface thoughts were as silent as he could make them.  Sure, he trusted his teammates in a fight.  But when it came to anything even remotely personal Nagi did his best to hide it.  This often made the boy come off as not having much of a personality.

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Looking for Nagi, but following Farfie in thoughts... [01 Mar 2007|03:55pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Purposely ignoring Farfarello entering his room, he made his way down the hall and to Nagi's. Although he might have been ignoring Farfarello with his physical senses, he tries to monitor his thoughts and movements with his telepathy, making sure nothing would be moved or would be out of place in his room after he returned. After all, he had 'spent so much time' preparing his clothes for the mission, he would have hated for them to have a few cuts and blood stains all over it. Eh, if that happened, he planned on still wearing it, with or without Nagi or Crawford's permission.

Upon seeing that Nagi's door was shut, he tested the knob carefully to see if it was locked. It wasn't. Should he enter? Knowing he wanted a favor from the his younger team mate, he decided it might be easier to just...knock. Which he did, but in an almost annoying little rhythm of a Shave and a Haircut.

Mentally, he spoke to his comrade before Nagi had a chance to even reply or allow him to enter, 'I need a favor...'

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Tsukiyono Omi [26 Feb 2007|04:54pm]

"Well isn't this lovely," Omi said to himself as he continued to put together the flower arrangements. As usual his three teammates had left him to do the work. Omi didn't mind all that much, as the only one worth having about in the shop was Aya when it came down to it. Ken and Yohji tried their best, but they simply didn't have what it took to be a florist.

His mind wasn't really with his work but rather with the computer upstairs, and the unread message. No matter how much he pushed it from his mind it kept resurfacing. 'I need to focus...I won't be able to read it until after we take care of this order anyway...' he thought to himself as he completed his arrangement.

In ten minutes time Omi had completed his task...though he knew the work was not yet done. They still needed to load all of the flowers into a car. 'Hopefully the others have started without me...' His hopes weren't completely dashed as he rejoined his teammates. The flowers had partially been loaded, but the three men before him were standing very still as if not daring to move.

"What are you doing?! We're running out of time."

(Okay...here's Omi...play off of him...the next time I post it will be Ken.)
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[22 Feb 2007|10:53pm]

[ mood | ultra tired ]

((Hey, guys! Mod here, continuing info on the RP journal topic thing...

First of all, this is the list of RP journals that I have constructed thus far:

CharacterRP JournalJournal Owner
Fujimiya Ayashaman_assassintsuzuki_hana
Kudou Youjiyotan07yotan07
Hidaka Kenhibaka_kenkurosaki_koi
Tsukiyono Omiradyrady
Brad Crawfordfallenoraclenayamashiimigot
Naoe Nagicyanidesweetiefallliketherain

Feel free to tell me if anything's wrong with that.

I don't remember what the purpose of making this was. Possibly for reference's sake? Schu has people to play with now. ♥ If Youji or Omi want to make character journals as well, just have them join the community too. The more, the merrier~. ♥))


rady's going to be busy for a while and without time for Omi. Do we have someone else in mind to pick him up?
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OOCness once more... [20 Feb 2007|03:03pm]

Hey all. Kenken here, speaking for myself, Aya, and Schuldig. Well...really mostly for Schuldig. Should we all make journals for our characters? It didn't bug me until Schu brought it up...but she said something along the lines of 'tell them to update their character journals so I can play around with them'... so...er...I guess this is more of a - would you guys like to join Schu, Aya, and I in having character journals for the sake of Schuldig getting to play with us?
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[19 Feb 2007|01:54pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Nagi had retreated into his own room after the the redhead left the room.  Hands were held above the keyboard, not touching the keys.  Blue eyes were trained on the screen as lines of numbers flashed and then disappeared.  The keys clicked, the sound filling up the otherwise silent room.  Or at least it was silent until Schuldig's voice invaded his mind and ears.  Mental shields were instantly re-enforced, just in case the German decided to do some poking.  


The question was voiced mentally, the boy decided it couldn't be important enough for him to stop what he was doing.  One hand came up to rub at the side of his for a minute.  The agitation was gnawing at his thoughts and starting to give him a headache.  Nonetheless, the keys continued to click in commands that coaxed the computer into allowing him access into the government's files.  

At last the network gave what he wanted, and yet it wasn't what he wanted at all.  Whoever the telekinetic was trying to find could not be found, at least not through this government database.  Frustrated he shutdown the computer took a deep breath, forcing himself to remain stoic, at least on the surface.

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[15 Feb 2007|05:45pm]

((Ahahahaha! Schuldig liiiiiiives! XD *cackles*

*cough* Anyway, it seems that the RP has finally been given new life! So Farfarello will go kill a church congregation be disappointed at Schuldig's apparent lack of interest in his proposal. D:))

Schuldig's lack of response and withdrawal from the room served as his answer, much to Farfarello's disdain. Five minutes was the amount of time Nagi had given Schuldig to be ready. A couple of those minutes had already passed, and he would have been willing to bet that Schuldig wasn't much closer to being ready, if at all.

He walked up the hallway, just in time to see Schuldig (still in his normal attire, no less) sauntering along and calling Nagi. Slowly, a grin spread over his lips. Perhaps it would be a fun few minutes, after all. He quickly slunk into Schuldig's room while the German's back was turned.

((In the meantime, welcome to our new Schuldig! :D We're glad to finally have you aboard!))
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Getting Ready [15 Feb 2007|05:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Schuldig looked in disgust at the neatly hung ensemble on the door to his closet. Rolling his eyes, he took it down and tossed it to the floor, and proceeded to riffle through the many different articles of clothing stuffed unceremoniously in the dark depths of the closet. After a few moments, he drug out a nice, but slightly wrinkled pair of white dress pants, and then a matching jacket.

'This'll have to do. Better than what Crawford had in mind.' He thought to himself, after finding a nice matching shirt, and his usual pair of shoes. It would all have to do.

He layed it all out on the bed, and gave a smirk of satisfaction. Crawford would most likely be complaining all evening. Or at least, that was the goal. Until Crawford would arrive, if Crawford arrived, he would have to find entertainment in his other two teammates. With that, he left the room in search of someone to annoy.

Both mentally, and aloud, he called out to Nagi as he admired what was the white version to his normal attire.

[OOC: It's short, but sweet. Thank Ken Ken for getting me to post >< Work's been consuming me, but I had a day off, and she was here...sooooo. Yeah. Here it is. @.@; Sorry for the long wait, it shouldn't happen again. If it does, make Ken Ken kick me around, and I'll get back to what it is I'm supposed to do :P]

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OOC...or is it... [15 Feb 2007|04:44pm]

The Crawford post that I decided not to do...

Crawford got on the plane and flew back to Japan where he rented a car and proceeded to drive over to Schwarz headquarters. Once there he grabbed Schuldig by his too-orange-to-be-real hair and demanded that he post. ^^

And life was good.

I'll actually write a real Fish post after this..but this was suggested by the Schuldig player.......
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OOC! [09 Feb 2007|04:47pm]

(Hey all...I was typing as Crawford earlier...and then decided it was crap. However if our current Crawford wishes to withdraw from this RPG I have someone who is interested in playing him. She's an excellent writer. ^^ However, I don't want to just have her post...so Kelly...I need an answer.)
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[06 Dec 2006|05:38pm]

Yohji stopped and slightly cringed upon hearing Ken's suggestion. He could hardly remember a time when they used Ran's porsche for a huge delivery such as this one, then again, neither could he remember an instance when his Seven was used for delivery...right? No, that one time wherein he delivered a bouquet for this beautiful young lady he used to date doesn't count, nor did that one time he passed by an old woman's house to drop the flower arrangement she forgot to pick up from the store.

Okay, so maybe he had used the Seven for the flowershop business but it was in his interest to do so and right about now, driving a huge flower arrangement (that is, the Seven) to some guy named Mr. Smith was nowhere in his list. He slowly turned and flashed Ken a glare which promised death and a quick glance at the redhead, expecting a challenging gaze back at him. One of the reasons why they were still alive was the fact that not one of them have so much as touched the porsche.

His eyes came to rest on the arrangements still on the pavement and let out a small sigh. He wouldn't be surprised if they started loading the Seven now...no one can outwin Aya's death glare.
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Totally OOC [05 Dec 2006|03:01pm]

(OOC: Hey...can we NPC Omi until we get a new one so we can keep the story moving?)
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Hidaka Ken [10 Nov 2006|12:21am]

As Yohji and Aya worked around him, all Ken wanted to do was sink into the floor and disappear. He had never felt more pathetic in his life, and this was counting the final professional soccer game he had been a part of. It wasn't as if he done this on purpose (just as he hadn't meant to blow the final game of the season)...but, sadly, he knew he wasn't one to think things through, and this time it had come back to kick him.

He chanced a glance at Aya and Yohji as he began to position and re-position the arrangements on the bike. Yohji was his normal self (or as normal as he ever was at work), and Aya appeared indifferent to the situation. However Ken could tell that the red head at least was still irritated when he spoke. "A-aa...I know...well...we could take some in your car...or in the Seven?" he asked, wincing as he knew that he shouldn't be volunteering others' cars.
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[18 Oct 2006|12:01pm]

There was something between the two he couldn't place, but he could sense that he might as well load the arrangements himself and make an exit. He saw what Ken was doing, taking care to group the flowers and proceeding to load them onto the bike. He tried not to notice that Ken had stopped to look at the redhead for a while. He bent down scooped the rest of the arrangements. When he was almost done, Ken suddenly moved, and Yohji almost tripped over him had he not moved away a second earlier. Biting back a smile, he caught Ken's hesitating words before he made a move to turn to walk back inside the shop.
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[11 Oct 2006|05:18pm]

Arm's filled with Omi's latest creations Ken slowly approached Aya, not wanting to tempt the red-head's wrath. He was bound to get a hard talking to later from everyone, and he didn't want a head start. Moving to the bike he set down his bunch, separating them and placing them in neat rows. He often did the transporting, so he knew how to position the flowers so they would arrive without a scratch.

He chanced a glance at Aya, who was being the same as always. Quiet, and looking like he was in a bad mood. Ken sighed, wondering why his teammate couldn't smile every once in a while. It was a moment before he realized that he had stopped loading all together. Hurrying over to the cart of arrangements he grabbed several more, loading them onto the bike. "So, who's going on this? I know I have to...but...?"
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Farfarello [24 Sep 2006|12:54am]

((Yay! We've managed to fill all of Weiss' and Schwarz's positions, so hopefully this'll mean that there'll be more RPing and more action, and...whatever else we have going on. XD; Time to get the ball rolling again then, eh?

I'm hoping this time that we'll have a Schuldig post following up. ^_~))

Farfarello tilted his head, interested in what Schuldig's reaction to his proposal would be. In all reality, he was quite certain that it was pointless to even think about...although the idea of creating some ruffles in the outfit did sound rather amusing; even moreso if he could actually get Schuldig to wear it afterward.

Nagi was looking irritated, and Farfarello began to wonder if the boy was going to snap sometime soon. Nagi and Crawford were probably the saner members of the group (Farfarello wasn't sure if he considered Schuldig to be quite "sane," especially when the German wasn't always sure where others' thoughts ended and his began), and despite Crawford's relatively good handle on the group, it seemed that he needed the additional stability that Nagi provided.

There wasn't much to do but wait and see.
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[04 Sep 2006|09:11pm]

Yohji couldn't care less that Ken had given his unfinished arrangements to Omi when Yohji was looking forward to helping the brunette out. It's not like he was any better at doing it. With a small shrug he packed the finished arrangements and headed outside as well to give them over.

"So who's going?" He asked, waiting for one of them to take his load so that he could go back and pack whatever Omi has finished. 'The bike would be pretty loaded,' Yohji thought trivially as he glanced ahead of the road. It wasn't hot out and he wouldn't mind doing the delivery, but then he was feeling a tad bit lazy today. He adjusted his bearings and glanced back inside to check if the chibi might be needing any help.
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[20 Aug 2006|02:54pm]

His eyes followed the box's quick decent to the floor, then looked back up at Schuldig. The expression on his face changed from impassive to slightly annoyed but he swallowed the words that almost tumbled out. The small boy considered his next move for a moment, then sighed and gave up. He wasn't Crawford, and therefor didn't much care if the German wanted to go on a small power trip and pick his own clothes.

"Let Farfarello alter the clothes or choose your own, I don't care. Just be dressed and ready in five minutes. We need to get moving."

It was true that they were running out of time, but that was not the main cause of irratation for Nagi right now. It was the cryptic part of Carwford's e-mail, the warning for Schuldig that said 'only one'. It irked him for some reason, more so than usual. Usually Nagi shurgged off the vauge messages his leader often gave out. And, even though this probably had nothing to do with him, this warning really bugged him. The Japanese boy could help but feel like it was something that would involve him. Perhaps some big mess that he would have to clean up after.

Or maybe he was just being paranoid about the whole thing...
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